Bicycle Seats In The Wet

Cyclists all know that no matter how hard we try to keep the bicycle shiny and looking good, the components in tip top condition – it’s really an uphill battle. This is why we have factories and companies constantly having to churn out new parts on a regular basis.

One of the parts that comes under constant “attack” is the bicycle seat. Left out in the sun for too long over many days, has the potential to lead to cracked or withered seat covers or faded leather. The different materials used to make the seat and cover it certainly helps to keep the seat lasting longer but it will still wear down over time.

The biggie for me is rain. What can we do? Out in the middle of nowhere, it begins to pour and the bike seat is the normal casualty. I’m not saying that one downpour will spoil the cover but over time (again – that word – time), it will wear down.

So the best thing we can do is keep the bike away from the elements when it’s not in use by storing it inside a room or in a shed or in the porch somewhere. Maybe an extra bicycle seat cover might do good although it is good to “air” out the seat after a ride. Another thing is to wipe the seat thoroughly after it gets wet and then lightly apply some bike seat cream or oil to the cover.

However, it is futile to expect the seat to last forever. It will have to be changed once it begins to sag and crack and lose it’s firmness. I guess that is one thing that is sure to everything on earth.

A Word About Bicycle Seats

I am so glad to finally get a blog in place. I hope to use this blog to just talk about any issues that might interest visitors to this site. Sometimes it’s hard to get really excited over a bicycle seat. Once you have a bicycle seat, you will admire it for a while and then it becomes just part of the “furniture”.

But hang on a minute. Bicycle seats are much more than just a part of the bicycle (or furniture). I used to admire my bicycle seat from time to time because it looked so artistic with the curves and all. The seat is specially designed for the kind of rider you are. If you chose well, then the bicycle seat will become a comfortable and appreciated companion on your rides. Choose hastily and suffer the consequences. Almost sounds like getting married. But enough of the romance; choosing the right bicycle seat is serious business.

On this site, I have outlined the types of seats that different riders will be better matched to. Serious racing people will find that the longer and firmer bike seats are perfect for training and racing, especially over the long distances. Casual riders will enjoy the many different models that are available in the soft and shorter types. There is the gel, foam and leather types to suit all manner of people.

So don’t wait too long. Check out the various models, ask the right questions of yourself. Are you a competitive cyclist or  a casual rider? Then go all out, take a risk and buy the right seat.

Chow for now and see you at the finish line.