Miscellaneous Tips

1. Periodic Checks

To operate at maximum efficiency, bicycles should be checked regularly. Bolts should be checked for looseness, seat holders should be tightened, brake pads replaced if worn out, brake cables checked for any fraying, handlebar mounting tightened and bearings cleaned and regreased. All these will save a lot of headaches later.

2. Check for Licensing

Different countries, states, counties and councils could have various licensing laws and fees. Make sure that relevant fees are paid on time.

3. Precautions

Taking a less busy route is a better option than a busy roadway. Vehicle users are generally respectful of cyclists but there are some who might not be very mindful of cyclists' road rights.

4. Communication

As much as possible, let people know where you are going on the bicycle. Bicycles can travel a good distance and sometimes cyclists get distracted and keep going and later get lost.

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